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The Last of the 2024 Father’s Day List – Under $1K

You know he’s worth it! Besides, he had to put up with you through all that … that growing up stuff you had to do the hard way. Sure, fly fishing can be a wildly expensive sport, but some things are meant to last. That certainly includes these last items on HIS list in 2024.

Sawgrass One Piece Fly Rods! 4-12 Weight Magic Wands – Yes, I am a believer in the good kind of magic, magic that comes from having a special piece of gear that can reach out and touch fish from afar. My South Padre Island Lower Laguna Madre fly fishing friends duly note the fastness of the Sawgrass fly rods, and it is something to be aware of, in fact I would ramp my weight down ONE for your Dad’s first Sawgrass rod. After that? You will want to fill in the blanks with these blanks! Buy DIRECT from Sawgrass in Dallas, Texas – Sawgrass New Moon Fly Rods. You can thank me later!

NAUTILUS Fly Fishing Reels CCFX2 – Salt is a brutal game, and I want to know, can a Nautilus Reel take the punishment like is delivered on the Lower Laguna Madre? There’s one way to find out. Daddy wants a brand new reel! Find these great looking reels at Nautilus Fly Fishing today.

SAGE MAVERICK FLY ROD – Four piece rods have their place, much more popular than a one-piece and so much more ready to travel. Every Dad is aware of the complications of travel with a one-piece rod, so why not make his next trip to an exotic location even more seamless? I have two of these. That tells you how good, and how good a value I think the Sage Maverick is – for years now! These are FINE rods, and someday Daddy has to travel. Find Sage Fly Rods here – The Maverick

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