What a Weekend

| September 18, 2023

Putting One and One Together

What an interesting weekend that just past! There was a great art show in Downtown Waxahachie, Texas, yesterday, and I discovered part of my business was indirectly attacked by a Texas Coastal Proud Boy back on August 26th. 2023 (see August 25th Instagram Post HERE). The word, “genius” does not apply to this individual, or his sick shrinking cult – that much is certain. As a flawed christian though? We love the sinner, and hate the sin. We won’t go into either of these here though, because you are here for the fish not the flack! Am I right?


While we breathe a deep lung or two of cool air, it doesn’t change the fact that Texas has taken it on the chin when it comes to 2023 rainfall. As we head into Fall 2023, I see people calling for a late season tropical storm, but we know that’s probably a long shot, and a bit of a Russian roulette ask. So we head into the remains of the year officially in drought in many areas. It looks like, based on my experience, this has the potential to roll over into Spring 2024, and that means by April? By April ’24 this will be a make-or-break month for drought or rain.

Whether you are a Texas river fly fisher, or taking the more difficult path of a Texas lake fly fisher? Both are suffering today, and it’s hard to start a thread of a silk purse from this sow’s ear. This fall, finding water is the key – if you are a freshie. But the salt will suffer as well! With little influx of freshwater along the Texas Gulf Coast (from Texas river systems), many species will concentrate in areas with lower salinity … and they will have a hard time finding what they are looking for.


The great thing about fly fishing is, we can always cut-and-run to another geographic region to get our fix. We don’t pull the glitter boats, and maybe I’ll even have to leave the skiff behind – while seeking some other site where the water runs and fish bite flies. There’s an awful lot of freedom to move when it comes to a fly fisher’s opportunities, isn’t there? My opportunities, nowadays include other watercraft as well. While the idea of wading in cold water would be top of my list today, there’s a pefectly new Old Town Sportsman 119 in storage, and a (consignment) Saturn tubed NRS Fishing framed (2 seater) drift raft that needs to be experienced and photographed SOON! Does anyone know how to put this thing together!?!

So this will be a difficult Fall 2023, set aside the freaks and weirdos, but because of the lack of viable water in Texas. It starts with eliminating water that has been grinding on my mind through the last month.

  • We will attempt to get an accurate look at the LBJ Grasslands.
  • Once the cold turns, it’s time for chain pickerel at Daingerfield.
  • Blue River, before it gets cold? Seems like a snakey adventure!
  • Checking out more Ray Roberts Structure as falling levels reveal it.
  • Long Run – Can we get to the Lower Illinois River in OK?
  • Screaming Drags – October Surprises
  • Airstreaming in early Winter

Thanks for tolerating this Monday Morning Sidewalk lead paragraph! If you read this far, I congratulate you for hanging in there. Let Freedom Ring. Equal noise for the silent majority. dEMOCRACY

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