Water Wednesday – Too Much and Not Enough

| September 18, 2013

You have been getting a huge dose of water with the local coverage of the flooding in Boulder, Colorado, this week. However, I am about to embark on a photo story about the drought here, now elevating to higher levels of severity, and that will be a work in progress over the next few weeks. Supposedly, there is rain coming this weekend, but it never seems to rain where needed most.

Speaking of “photo story” – a full redesign of my corporate photography site was undertaken last night, and I would love for Texas Fly Caster readers to take a break from reading about Texas fly fishing, and go look at www.shannondrawe.com. Hit that site hard, and see if you can break it for me, will ya’? I don’t have to tell you, the more business I do there, the more fly fishing we do here.

Stay tuned for more from Boulder, Colorado. The Lyons family members are all good – out safe, and being kept out of Lyons. I’m betting you will be seeing the MSM (main stream media) descend on Lyons like a swarm of flies so they can stand shoulder-to-shoulder doing their little standup routines with the same exploded backgrounds – coming soon to your TV.

There’s going to be a new website launched next month, called The Fly Bar, and the url will be www.theflybar.net. It is dedicated to fly tying videos, and a comprehensive repository for all things related to fly tying. Look for that in coming weeks.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to put the full attack on the photography site when you get a chance. It’s not quite done yet, but should be solid by the end of the week.

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