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| March 18, 2013

About the time the spring seemed to be in the air, the air thins and cools again. That’s life in North Texas for you. From here, it’s easy to forget the rest of the state suffers less from the North Texas extremes.

Speaking of extreme, the wind really whipped things up last Thursday through Saturday, and the fishing on Lake Monticello in East Texas was squelched considerably by the gusts coming across that small lake. That’s a story coming out later today, part one anyway, and there are plenty of other announcements coming across from all over Texas throughout the week.

If you, or your organization have any events or announcements related to fly fishing, please feel free to send them in through the contact page, or e mail me if you already know the e mail address.


It was three years ago last Friday … that the ten pound hybrid I actually caught … got away. Ahhhhh, if only the photographs had not been lost in camera. Catching hybrids, can be like predicting lightning strikes, and in the drought years lightning doesn’t strike. (A State record no less.) I am not so chagrined with it anymore as “fly fishing in the moment” leaves the past and the future where they belong.

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There’s an incredible lineup of music coming to Denton, Texas, this spring. I am beginning to find my way into some new music from a bunch of old guys and new bands as well. Wayne Hancock, Dale Watson and more country sounds from the likes of Son Volt, could be the sounds to carry into summer. Another band that hit my radar yesterday is a band called Bend Sinister. Apparently Bend Sinister (Nabokov) is this retro band a la Supertramp and the likes. What I heard was rock keyboard heavy, and quite refreshing.

I hope you survived spring break, whatever your role, and are feeling the need to fish as much as everyone else is! Thanks for reading, and be sure to check back in and read the story on fly fishing at Lake Monticello, Texas. Part one will be out later today.

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