The Long and Winding Winter Continues Along The Sidewalk

| March 24, 2014

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Mark my words, I won’t stick around here for another winter like this one. I don’t know how I’ll get there, or where there will be, but this winter has flat out sucked, and wore down my last nerve. The hard part, as always, is realizing when to bail out.

As of this writing, according to my guru, we are about a month behind the same time last year. That didn’t stop me from being kicked out of the house yesterday, “Go fish! This weather’s just too good, and if I have to be inside and work on the computer, you should go!” So I did.

I wasn’t expecting any fish, much like the last ten or so outings. Imagine the date to be equivalent to early February, and it is easy to also imagine not a single carp or bass in sight. What I did find was some good habitat though …



We have touched on this in past weeks and months of posts, but it deserves repeating: The good habitat for fly fishing for carp and bass around here is moving. If you imagine different strata of a shoreline, then you have a grasp on what we are dealing with.
Originally, before the drought, habitat would be up close to the tree/brush lines where the carp were comfortable weaving between the bushes, around the grasses and eating on the bugs and vegetation that was all around.
Then, as the water dropped, and dropped … and dropped … it exposed vast areas of nothingness – sandy beaches cropped up, worthy of a shovel and a bucket.
Now, as we stand today, the water has backed off to the point that deep vegetation is now on the edge of the new edge of the lake. A little vegetation and a lot of sand are showing underwater (don’t forget your polarized glasses). And believe it or not, I think we are again on the edge of some good habitat!

We are not talking long trudging walk-wades, but a situation where we walk the beaches and look off the edges for the marauding carp and big green suspended blobs (bass) just off the edges. What I found today was good, potentially great, habitat.

The translation for me is quite simple. I am enjoying mega fly tying sessions to stock up on the old reliable Coyote Carp Fly (CCF). Two hundred of my favorite hooks are in transit, and I have come up with some new twists to the CCF that actually combine the best characteristics of another great fly with the CCF. I am blowing through a bunch of one-offs to see how the new ideas will work.

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Time to wish you all a great week, and lots of luck arriving safely to wherever your find yourself this week.

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