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Fly Fishing Father’s Day List Continues – 2024 Guide for under $500 Giving

We have had our look for 2024, at the Father’s Day Fly Fishing Gift Guide SUB $100, and now it is time to kick it up a notch, because you know he is the dude, and the dude abides. I try and cover a variety of tastebuds, from hard blasting coffee in the field.

YETI 64 French Press  – Just because good coffee can make a snob out of anyone, anywhere anytime. If you are into coffee, and a variety of flavors, a Yeti French Press could hit the spot on so many fly fishing occasions in so many memorable places. I want one.

Danco Premio USA 5.5” – I have had these for many years, and they keep on keeping on. Danco makes good products and even more rare, at very good prices. Check out Danco Premio 5.5″ pliers today!

LAMSON Liquid S 3-Pack 7+ – I am trying to figure out how you would NOT want one of these setups. A reel with a spool PLUS TWO more spools. And it just so happens the Liquid reel is a great freshwater reel as well! Buy Lamson on AMAZON !

3-TAND OUTDOORS SALT REELS – I do want one of these, or maybe two! See the entire 3-Tand line of reels

Atlas vise wolff indiana industry fly tying

Wolff Industries Atlas Rotary Vise – A great vise for a great price these days! I am still breaking in my Atlas Vise, but the size, and the strength for its size is impressive. Find Atlas at the company – Wolff Industries, and on Amazon as well. WATCH/READ –my review of the Atlas Rotary Vise.

Redington Tropical Saltwater FIELD KIT Rod/Reel COMBO – How can you beat this? The quality of this rod and the line that comes with it are perfect for a dad who is considering taking the deep dive into fly fishing. It is a great start down a deep rabbit hole that is fly fishing. READ / WATCH – my review of the Redington reel rod Combos. Buy on Amazon.

Thanks for kicking it up a notch, and considering gifts he may like for next weekend’s Father’s Day 2024 activities! And don’t forget, fly fishing lessons, outings, guide trips are all available here from your’s truly and crush that $500 mark! Coming in a couple days? the best gifts for Dad under the $1K mark – YOU KNOW he’s worth it!

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