Texas Fly Fishing Report – Looking Forward to the Aftermath

| May 22, 2015

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NOTE – I decided it was pointless to repeat the same information that is in last weeks video, so I did it the old fashion way – W O R D S.

Finally time to sit down and write the Texas Fly Fishing Report for this Memorial Day weekend. First, we know we roll the dice on every weekend outing, but roll a weekend and a holiday … and we have recipe for slow motion disaster. 

Not this weekend though! If fly fishing Texas lakes and Texas rivers are your thing, well you’re just about SOL. All the parks around lakes here in North Central Texas are closed, and it’s still raining as I write. Mostly, we look forward to the aftermath now. On a scale of 1-to-5, we are pulling up zeroes right now. I will get out next week and do the tourist document of all the odds-and-ends underwater, if they aren’t completely disappeared by then. Make sure you take a look at this past Wednesday’s “Water Wednesday” report for lake levels – using the Trinity River Basin lakes as an example.

I had a guy pull up and ask me where he could go when I was out on Lake Ray Roberts earlier this week, and my reply was simple, “Go west.” And now that’s what I say to you, with the additional admonition to KNOW BEFORE YOU GO. The further west you go in Texas, in general, the drier it is going to be. You can tell me from there.

As for the Texas Gulf Coast, it looks like patterns are a little flat, and some of this rain has also made an appearance on the coast. If all goes according to planned, I will be sending you information from Corpus Christi, Texas, next weekend, or just after that weekend. Obviously, I need to get my eyes on the coast, because I don’t see anything one way or another, on coastal guide’s Facebook feeds.

Now that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s definitely not a train, things should regain their consistency soon – and quickly, and for a good long run.

Thanks for those of you subscribing to the YouTube Channel for Texas Fly Caster, and be sure to check out the Texas Fly Caster twitter feed and the instagram feed. It appears we are also about to launch the Periscope application just to keep things overwhelmingly challenging on this end.

Have a great weekend, and get ready for some new fly fishing fodder here next week! The summer is in sight, and just like the old guys say, “It always rains,” I say, “IT ALWAYS STOPS RAINING.”

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