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Texas Carp Fly Fishing Guide Services – How about a ride on a saltwater skiff an hour away from the heart of Dallas or Fort Worth? That’s what we’ll be doing again in the spring-summer-fall of 2018.

Last year was a year for the record books – in quantity and size of the carp on Lake Ray Roberts, Texas. And with a 2016 model Lagoon Sport Skiff,  a whole new perspective was unleashed for targeting carp and bass on North Texas lakes. The experiment was a success!


ARE YOU READY?  The time is now to book your carp adventure on the skiff. There’s a lot to talk about before we go, but if you want what many consider the ultimate freshwater challenge, then read on!

  • Contact me about potential dates you would like to go out for carp. I will give you a seasonal range of course. I will also send you a guide that goes over what you’ll want to bring, and pricing.
  • Yes, I am a fly fishing guide, and yes I have been a professional photographer for thirty years. So you catch the fish and I will capture the images – professional, magazine quality images of your fish, you, your guests and your day. Arrangements can be made for prints as well as images for your sharing purposes!


2017 was FANTASTIC!!


Yes, I do evening outings for sand bass starting in June-July. Talk about a great way to end your work day? This is it! I have special rates for parents-kids 1/1 these evenings, and you’re more than welcome to bring conventional tackle to help your young person catch sand bass on just about every cast! And if you’re hungry like me, you can keep some too.

We can also target those big fat largemouth bass (and hunt for smallmouth) on Lake Ray Roberts if that’s your game of choice. It’s a world away from those sand bass frenzies, but one big bucketmouth adds up to a dozen sand bass. The “bigguns” are an early and late affair as they feed nocturnally much of the time.


As the person who keeps Texas Fly Caster running, I also hit hot spots as they come up – guerilla style. We could hit the water on a moment’s notice for things like palmetto bass in the Trinity River, or adventures to smaller, less populated lakes and ponds – all over Texas.

Hybrid action  and sand bass like this sometimes lasts only a few days, but it’s some of the most exciting fly fishing you can find in North Texas. Follow my twitter account @texasflycaster to get updates on this seasonal action.

If you are interested in chasing Texas Parks and Wildlife Department water body records, we can do that as well – on Lake Ray Roberts, or just about any freshwater destination that is walkable or by flats skiff. It’s fun to go after fish with a specific goal in mind, and the TPWD records add an interesting twist to your thinking when you’re out there actually in pursuit.

Keep checking here for more services, specials and destinations as they come available. You never know what kind of radical fly fishing I’ll find next.

Sometimes you just have to just see what can be done with a fly rod in Texas. Contact me and lets go fishing!

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