Oncor Open to Different Routs for New Power Lines

| December 7, 2010

News articles and stories running on local networks indicate that Oncor, a company charged with bringing wind energy from West and Northwest Texas, is open to different routes around environmentally sensitive areas of Lake Ray Roberts and the Greenbelt between Ray Roberts and Lewisville Lakes.

Apparently, real control lies with the Texas Public Utilities Commission, who will make the final decision on where the power lines run. Significant local opposition has gathered against Oncor’s preferred route close to highway 380 that crosscuts, and has always crosscut the Greenbelt and the northernmost regions of Lewisville Lake.

Oncor, publicly (on TV interviews), said the final decision is up to the PUC, but if the PUC is presented with alternatives conceived by Oncor, well, as Yogi Berra said, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”

In the long run the least favorable route will likely be abandoned for something with less environmental impact, but with a few properly placed (State) campaign donations, anything can happen. If they crosscut the Greenbelt nature area, it will have a significant temporary impact on that area, and I don’t think the hum of high wires will do much for the natural ambiance of the area either

Here are some links to local news and Oncor’s maps.

Oncor maps of proposed transmission lines.
Go to the Denton Record Chronicle for news on Oncor’s proposal.

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