On The Bubble – Looking For Trouble

| June 6, 2013

On the first day of the North American hurricane season, we have tropical storm Andrea churning in the Gulf of Mexico and pounding the upper portion of Florida with torrential rains.

Now, you may know, the destination (departure planned for tomorrow), is/was Miami, F L A. What lies between Denton and Miami could be described as … problematic. What effect the storm will have on the fishing in the Keys is virtually unknown – and this is where we try and separate the chamber of commerce version from reality on the water. Funny thing is, the fishing must be good because no one is talking down there. Starting the hurricane season this early … makes me worry about the rest of the season, but then it seems I am a worrier as I get older.


The weather bubble is a tough place to be – any trip, anywhere anytime. One of the well documented hazards of turning an outdoor sport like fishing into an avocation, is that the weather gods still control your destiny – always. With the initial plan being to arrive in three days, at the airport in Fort Lauderdale – to pick up the proud new Mitzi Skiff owner, and head southerly from there — there’s a sizable weather variable in between – with Andrea tracking right through the heart of Florida.


I had the great privilege of talking to the Fort Worth Fly Fishers club a couple of nights ago in Fort Worth, and if you were there, I would appreciate any negative/positive feedback on my presentation on carp that deviated wildly to talk about water issues, skin care and more importantly – hot fishing on Lake Texoma right now!
I’ll be looking to get in that kind of trouble with anyone wanting to go out and fish Texoma – by boat or kayak. I have the locations mapped, and my old butt would rather not row on such a big lake, but if it comes down to it, I’ll row it alone for this kind of action.

It’s always good to have a backup plan when it comes to the salt because the salt can be a fickle mistress, and that’s what we are witnessing now. It’s even better when the backup plan to fishing … is fishing, and not sitting under the palm fronds watching the rain and wind.

If the Florida trip does not come off, be sure to contact me, and let’s go local! If it does hit the road in the morning, be sure to keep your eyes on the twitter feed, and I will try and post as we go along for a LONG ride.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to let me know what you FWFF’ers thought of the presentation – right here, in comments is fine. I’d like to think I have a thick skin from my newspaper days, so let it rip.

National Hurricane Center Website

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  1. Mike Mendez says:

    I think your presentation was very well recieved in Fort Worth. I think that you could do a whole seminar on water issues, or clothing/gear for fishing, how to photograph a fish….however, it was great to hear a little about all of it.

    We are a pretty laid back group and I feel that if I can take away a couple of new hints or tips from a presentation it was worth going. I have heard from several folks about tips they are going to try, including tye dying and painting their underside of their hat black.

    Thanks for coming and see you on the flats soon.

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