Number 2 Number 2 and Happy New Year 2 You

| December 31, 2008

Fly Cast Technique Music Countdown Rainbow Stockers

NUMBER 2 – Bob


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  1. Joel Hays says:

    And a happy new year to you, too!

    1) I agree with all the comments about DynaKing vises . . . SOLID (with HMH a close second). You have to get REALLY pricey with the Renzettis to get the “power” of the DynaKing.
    2) I had no idea that was called “Belgian” casting. Do you have to wear drab colors, chain smoke, enjoy cyclocross, and drink Duvel to do it? (check out a video of Flip Pallot casting – same thing).
    3) Bart and I got SKUNKED on the Trinity yesterday – but saw some MONSTER carp that refused all offerings. Plan a return trip upon your return!

  2. Cindy says:

    look at you updating every day.
    i only have one of the albums on your top ten list so far. can you guess which one?