Monday New Year’s Eve 2018

| December 31, 2018

Happy New Year’s Eve! Today, I am coming your way from the kids table at my parent’s house in Houston, Texas. Actually, for the sake of accuracy, it’s the grandkids table. It’s a sticky wobbly affair that tends to gyrate on its axis — depending on which side of the keyboard I’m on. I guess we could say it has good kid ergonomics.

You can certainly tell by the sketchiness of posts this holiday season, not only has it been a busy holiday season, it has also been a bad weather run that has dampened the few opportunities that exist for fly fishing in North Texas.

I had a friend text me yesterday – wanting to know what we’re going to catch. That would be a loaded question in my world. I am ready to catch whatever swims at this point! But we can definitely put Daingerfield on the map for chain pickerel – the weather has lined up to make that a good choice for a cool February day. It’s a place surrounded to the edges by trees that help break the wind that so often comes along this time of year. It’s also a small lake that is an “idle only” place that has clear water and good submerged timber along the edges. 

If you want to read more click – Lake Daingerfield Fly Fishing Stories – to see the complete Texas Fly Caster list of stories on fly fishing this small East Texas treasure.

We have certainly ignored a lot of the year-end traditions this year, but one I refuse to let die is the TOP 10 Fly Music Roundup. I have formatted that saga a number of ways over the years – including a recorded podcast, but this year the story will be out on the FIRST of January – tomorrow – as I work feverishly behind the scenes to order my choices to my taste.

So, while I am on the road back from Houston tomorrow, sit back and enjoy the read on the Top Ten Music Countdown. It will be short on details, and a simplified version compared to past years. In other words, finally something easy to digest this holiday season!

One thing I did do – fish related – was to volunteer some hours assisting with a Gyotaku class at Lake Ray Roberts Johnson Branch Park on Saturday. It was frigid, but three brave children did manage to fend off frostbite and learn – by trying – to print some Gyotaku prints. The TPWD event was led by Katelyn Juenger who will soon be moving into the new building (interpretive center) when construction is complete at Johnson Branch. One thing is sure: The floodwaters are still up and in Ray Roberts’ infrastructure. Covered picnic areas are still underwater, and only last week did they open the remaining boat ramps that were closed due to the flooding. If you get the chance, be sure to consider volunteering for TPWD in 2019. Here is a link to those opportunities – TPWD Volunteer Opportunities.

If you are going to Oklahoma to fly fish anytime soon? Don’t forget to renew your Oklahoma Fishing License!

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