Monday Morning Sidewalk

| July 15, 2019

Good Monday Morning along the fly fishing sidewalk! 


It is truly amazing how little it takes to disrupt the rhythm these days … I think they call that, “getting older.” However, we fly fishers continue to resist. There is a lot to get to this week, and that includes a baitbucket full of new music, new impressions of flies – for this weekend’s trip to Port O, and today we have a review of Simms Fishing shorts.


The two styles that I bought are the Simms Ultralight and the Simms Skiff short, and you will just have to watch the video to see what the differences are (significant), and what I like about both. And, I will be honest, this is a bit of a “Spoof Video,” the likes of which only the guys at All Water Guides can probably top. Nine (did I lose count?) different endorsements / product placements in the span of a fourteen minute video – duly notarized and documented. TAKE THAT! ((NOTE THE FREE LINK ABOVE?))

I marvel at the fact that so much of fly fishing in Texas has been infected with the Cult of Personality in the last half of this decade … brings my old, old saying back to mind, “EGO EATS BRAIN.” All I have to do is remember that, and all will be well to the end. Still, it has been fun leading the (social) media parade for this last half of the second decade. Yes, it took a few years for the parade to catch on and follow along … Little do the folks in the parade know; there’s NO return on investment for this parade route you’ve followed. They’ll soon figure that out … like a parade going down a dead-end alley.


So it is time to gear up for the Texas Gulf Coast this weekend – rain or shine, or hurricane. For me, it starts with the security blanket of new flies tied. I hope you guys who know the Texas Salt have taken the time to watch my fly tying videos, because those flies worked then and they still work now. I have plenty from the video, so it behooves me to do some “variants” of the tried and true flies. Although, we are so deep into summer now that a gold spoon fly should insure a taste of redfish on the half-shell this weekend.


The good people at Orvis sent me a $25-dollar gift certificate the other day, so I had no choice but to go to the “local” Orvis store and buy some more of those sexy “Dragon Tails” they have on their pegboard. So far, they’ve only caught this fly fisherman, but when I have fish to present to? That will be the true test.

Not only did I take down their inventory of Dragon Tails, I also took some of their Extra Select Craft Fur home to Pops Fly Shop as well. Their Extra Select IS Extra Select. So be sure to visit ORVIS for your top-shelf fly tying needs.

Thanks for reading. This week will see a shift at the end to the PARADE LEADING social media of Instagram, and who knows, I might be brave and do some live video along the way! In the meantime, it will be extra sketchy this week. Remember to subscribe to the Instagram feed if you want to follow the parade awhile … you can always UN subscribe at any time of course.

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