Monday Gone Fishing … Maybe

| October 23, 2023

Looking out the window, and wondering … will it rain or not? These overcast days are what good lake fly fishing is made of (with the exception of carp hunting), and we have overcast all over the place this morning in North Texas.

For the record, once again, I will say the carp “season” is officially over for me. And while I will go out and probably find some individuals, it seems necessary – due to all the flack I am receiving – to define what exactly a “CARP SEASON” is to my way of thinking.

What is a Carp Season?

A season on carp, for me, is when I can go to six different spots and five of them have carp on them – in any stage of the game. Once I go to six spots, and only one of those spots may have a few carp on it? That is not carp season – FOR ME. Yeah, they’re there. Yeah they will eat, but that’s not what a
“CARP SEASON” is known for.

When is a Carp Season?

A carp season comes at different times of the year, depending on your parallel. Locally, that tends to be late April for the START of carp season here in North Central Texas. And it used to start winding down (see above) in September. Now here in North Central Texas carp season stretches well into October, and you can debate amongst yourselves about the mentally ill carp that can be found in November and December, lost wandering and wondering. I have always had an easy time catching those strange carp in the OFF months, because they are, to be politically correct; mentally challenged.

Make My Day

Feel free to debate amongst yourselves. I won’t disagree, because that is not why I have been put on this earth – to disagree about a carp season’s length or width. It makes my day when I get a little hackle up on more than just a hook. All I know is today is a day to go fly fish – NOT for carp HERE in North Texas.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out the Instagram feed for current events, and some unusual wanderings I am going to be going on this week. You may well be surprised!

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