Live Report – IFTD New Orleans 2011 Day 2

| August 19, 2011

Sorry for the fat file download! This one could take awhile, but if you are a gear head, you’ll dig it.

This should be interesting … if you’re a gear head. I went ahead and ran the entire floor at the Convention Center this morning to give you a good idea of the scope, the width and depth of vendors at the IFTD show here in Louisiana. Whatever you do, don’t stare at this video, or watch it by fast forwarding even more! It’ll drive you crazy. Actually, you can slow it down for parts of booths you want to see, and let it fly through the rest.

There’s a general sense that things are getting better in the fly fishing business since the dark early days of the recession. The herd may have been thinned so to speak, but there’s a solid core to carry on all things in the business of fly.

The friendships that are developing among everyone here, and the stories told at meals, over Abita Beers, and during the slow moments are priceless. Putting it mildly, this is a colorful crowd.

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