Let The Wind Blow Your Troubles Away

| January 8, 2024

Texas Wind is Big

The wind goes past excuse with ease, and takes the crown of blame this time of year. A pot of coffee will be chased by a pour-over or two today. Grey is the color of another North Central Texas day. Indoor sports stiffen joints and tighten muscles, making me wonder just how hard spring training will be this season, and if this is the spring that it takes me forever to uncoil.

I haven’t lived a lot of places yet, only Texas and California to be exact. This Texas wind, these winter blusters, like we have today? They’re a phenomenon I don’t hear nearly as much about in other States in this Union. Yesterday, the south and north winds met right here and swirled their swords. We have big wind today. The north still wins this time of year.

From where I sit this early Monday Morning, the leaves have been blown off the trees into drifts for some time now, and what we can hear through this 73-year-old suburban house is the wind, sustained at twenty and gusting to thirty, blowing through the naked branches with that rushing sound like you hear in the pine needles, but much deeper more like a jet reversing thrust on the runway. This is one of those houses built when houses were not assets, but places to sleep and eat between workdays. No form, all early 1950’s era function.

The Wind Chimes

I had to actually silence the wind chimes last night, to give my ears, as well as the neighborhood’s ears a rest … and all night long the wind never stopped. It’s still easy to remember those days on South Padre Island this time last year, the wind so relentless that it went though three heavy duty tarps on my skiff, crushed many beautiful days and made me consider taking up kiteboarding for a half-second.

We have covered a lot of ground over the years now, and a lot of topics. It didn’t take long to know that porn – fish porn – was and is still king. The numbers don’t lie. But that never stopped me from plowing full speed ahead, and casting my lines into other topics that I thought could help spread this religion. 

The big topic with me and my audio-video crew, the folk at MMI, these days is; how do we escape the death grip GoPro cameras have on recording our fish porn, and move on into the new era, heck any new era, that does not include the consistently unreliable GoPro cameras. 


Coming out later today is an informational video about the Insta 360 Ace-Pro camera that was sent to me directly from the China factory that built it, arriving last week and waiting patiently for me to blow the box open to see what is inside. A special thanks to that company for that new model that has a promising pedigree under the skin.

The name though, will need some retooling, as it is confusing to the new shopper and shows some of the awkwardness that all these types of tech companies have as they make their way from obscurity into everyday language of fly fishers, and video crews everywhere. So we are going to call this new GoPro killer the Insta AcePro until the company comes up with some better nameplates. 

As soon as my crew can get it on the water – we will, and we will continue to try and bring you the things that (a few of) you may be interested in – to record your fly fishing adventures. You know my mantra: A phone is not a camera, and a camera is not a phone. That is unbelievably true when a new iPhone costs more than two-times what this Insta AcePro costs! 

Look for that video and the first Insta AcePro camera writeup for fishers and fly fisher later today! Thanks for reading, and hang on to your hat this week! I may not be moving fast, but this Texas wind certainly is.

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