Lefty Kreh Will Understand

| June 23, 2008

The Legendary Lefty Kreh

Well, the Lefty Kreh interview will have to wait, and Lefty would want it that way when a buddy calls up to go scout some new water on a local lake. It’s a no-brainer actually. If you are wondering how Mr. Kreh is doing, he is on a single crutch and moving around quite well. His casting seminar sponsored by the Dallas Fly Fishers group was well attended, and he made it around a sizable area of the park to each and every participant for individual attention. Lefty is still Lefty, and that is the best thing you can say about the legend.

Loading up and heading out to fish. Low winds out of the south southwest mean there are some flats that should be showing tails, and I am still looking for another big Bass to hang on my memory card.

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