Joe Ely and Muddy Waters

| April 18, 2008

Korkers Wading Boot Review 2008

Well, the only redeeming thing about today’s entertainment is that the flooded creek (from last night’s storms) will be followed by the return of Joe Ely to Dan’s Silverleaf here in Denton. The last time Ely appeared here, it was something to behold – a show with Joe Ely and accordion player Joel Guzman. That was it – Ely and Guzman. Grizzled Texas music veterans attending that show still recall it with a glint in their eye.

The video of Hybrid Creek action is still being tooled upon – right now on another machine – as I write. I am hacking away at the whole “video thing” trying to create something to keep folks awake at night, watching and wondering. It is truly amazing the time that burns away working on video. I LIKE STILLS!

I did find this video of KoRkErS boots after the most basic search, on their site. Take it with a grain of salt because switching out the soles is not as easy as it looks. However, these boots are so lightweight they almost have to be pushed to hit bottom, and with soles for every situation, they are every gimmick lover’s damp dream. In talking to Jon at Front Range Anglers, he said the only potentially negative feedback he had received was the boots are cut on a narrow last – meaning they are perfect for a skinny foot like mine. Watch the video, and if you would like a demonstration of how the soles really pop into place, SKYPE me and I will show you up close and personal. Meanwhile, I have to give them two thumbs up, and up the nose of traditional boots. If you are into experimentation, and frustrated with big, sloppy fitting boots, this may be a boot to remedy your tired dog blues. I am also considering sandals to take advantage of the different sole types I now have in hand – they come with the trail lug and the felt sole, and I went ahead and purchased the carbide studded rubber soles which are, to say the least, aggressive (at 7mm). They have had incredible traction for me at Texoma below the dam as well as at the notoriously slick Beaver’s Bend.

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