In the ZON

| July 19, 2009

Zon Beer - Boulevard Brewery Kansas City wins in a rout.

Sunday morning coming down, and church goers are easing into the parking lot behind the back yard. Where’s my Kris Kristofferson?

The party went swimmingly, and there’s just a bit more reporting to do before getting loaded up to go to Denison Dam in time for the generation this afternoon.

Next to last, we did have a stiff competition in beers last night, with two varieties from Breckenridge Brewery and a contingent of four Boulevard Brewery varieties. On hand were the Agave Wheat and Amber Ale by Breckenridge, and Boulevard brews included Unfiltered Wheat, Lunar Ale, Pale Ale and Zon.

Everyone had the opportunity to taste all beers (plus the house beer – Session), and the winner (it wasn’t even close) is … Zon! According to the label, Zon (Flemish for “Sun”) is a “Belgian witbier, or “white beer”, ZON combines the subtle flavors of coriander and orange peel with traditional ingredients to create a crisp and refreshing summer beer.” Zon is unfiltered, so don’t forget to swirl it before pouring. It was such an interesting variety of flavors that it is just impossible to resist its gravitational pull. Bright and refreshing






Finally, maybe some time to put down the hammer and pick up the fly rod. Things seem to just get interestinger and interestinger … when it comes to connections, trips offered, and trips about to be taken.

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  1. amyrocksu says:

    I am going to try zon asap.

  2. shannon says:

    That was a bar construction beer. As a day laborer, that is my beer. Lite beers have no place in fly fishing lore.

  3. Cindy says:

    didn’t i see you drinking a miller light just a few short weeks ago? why the light beer ban?

  4. shannon says:

    Ok, we will NOT be putting in a height requirement! But we will ban all lite beers – lifetime ban.

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