I Got Blisters on my Blisters!

| August 8, 2022

Good Monday morning to all the faithful out there wherever you are. I know I sound like Jimmy Swaggart some days, but I am no Jimmy Swaggart. I am probably closer to “The Incredible Mr. Limpet,” if anyone famous.

Speaking of famous, my S.O. told me I am “everywhere” on “every single video” to which she added many words that can be summed up in one word; overexposed. I’ve known that for years, but somehow can find no solution other than asking, over and over: If you have a story, I would love to tell it! I would rather be behind the camera, and interview you over your fly fishing world than see my radiated Keith Richard face in 4K at 31-inches wide. Ouch. Have some sympathy … If you got somthin’? BRING IT.



I finally bit the bullet, or was that a glass thermometer, and went out Sunday with a guest on board to check out this little-known cove on Ray Roberts. It was fishy and had trash bass as well. Even drum and sand bass were roaming around this distant cove … before the 10-am witching hour’s heat drove everyone deep. The crossing to and fro were epic. The wind was clocking about ten on the way and twenty on the way back, and it became a water western on the return about 11-am. People were actually loading boats at the Jordan Park Ramp, when on a normal Sunday they would be joyfully tubing around the lake, or chasing trash fish.

NOW, Lake Ray Roberts is dropping like a rock. The lake levels are falling off one flat and generating action on the next step-down flat. That is one thing we have going for us on Lake Ray Roberts – multiple flats. All we have to do is catch a temperature and wind break – at the same time – and those gin-clear flats are there and waiting. 


So the Los Pescadores Coffee & Outfitters retail project is crawling along, with last week being a landmark in rapid progress for operations. All this while Captain Stacy Lynn GETS IT ON with her opening of Galveston Fishing Company, the new Fly shop in Galveston, Texas. Stacy is a veteran of these retail campaigns, from inception to completion, and her latest Instagram Galveston Fishing post shows the backing, figuratively if not literally, for this new shop that is certain to be fantastic, and a fantastic addition to the Texas Fly / Fishing Shop scene!  Visit the Galveston Fishing Company website today!

For those who are interested, and there are a few! be sure to go to the Patreon Fly Fishing channel, and subscribe. Top level subscribers get an inside look at Los Pescadores Coffee & Outfitters in Port Isabel, and they also get the latest video post on the progress of the shop – with my Keith Richard face leading the way. Scary, truly scary stuff …


Seeing that we now live on a dirt road within the city limits of Denton, Texas, I took the “opportunity” to begin the life-long (life remaining) quest to lay salvaged brick into my driveway. A little time with an air hammer and a mason’s hammer handed me one thing I haven’t seen in awhile – a nasty little blister. It is a great reminder of how soft I have gotten. Thankfully, I can finally get the road bike out of storage, and as soon as it cools off, get back to the road cycling and the torture that brings. That should give me more to talk about than a little bitty blister – if I survive!

Thanks for reading this Monday Morning. Let me know what you are up to wherever you are! The heat is supposed to relent this week, and maybe that is our cue to go out there and give it a go! 

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