Hit Your Local Fly Shop This Christmas Season – Here’s The List

| December 10, 2015

texas fly shop listing

How many fly shops are there in Texas? I suddenly wondered that very thing as I pondered the new shop in Houston, the new digs for my local Tailwaters, and shops like Living Waters in Round Rock, and Sportsman’s Finest in Austin.

Who else out there in the vast expanse of Texas, is living in bricks and mortar? Here’s the list I came up with this evening. Let me know if I left anyone out!

Do yourself a favor, and drop in on your fly shop, especially if it’s a rare Texas fly shop, this Christmas gift giving season. If you haven’t stopped in yet, or lately, this is the season. There are a lot of new products from Simms about to hit the floors, and any fly fisher in Texas can use more fly tying materials as the winter actually comes along in the next couple of months. There’s no reason to freeze our rears off fly fishing in Texas, so hit the bench – for your destination or for the spring that hopes eternal.

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