George Carlin’s Ashes and Other Ramblings on Return

| July 25, 2018

Spofford Lake New Hampshire

So you forgot to turn the heat off while I was away? Dang! I got used to those 60-degree Spofford nights, and those 80-degree Spofford days, and now look what you’ve done Mr. Sun.

Spofford New Hampshire

I can see the damage done to our North Texas desert plains, and it looks pretty depressing. Yards afire, and waters a-boil. Time to go back to work and feel the toil.

Honestly, what are we doing here? In days of money past, now would be time to head for the hills of Colorado, and feel the cool monsoons of the afternoons, while fitting in some brown trout tug along the Conejos River. Or perhaps a solo adventure to the headwaters of the Rio Grande? Distant memories now, as the worm did turn, and the destructive coils of mortality tighten their grip on us all.

We age, and we fight it. We’re looking for the fight after all, aren’t we? If one fight overwhelms another, a left cross faster than a right hook? What are we to do, but cover for one and take the other straight on. That said, I am just about punch drunk.

Texas Pickers Vermont


While you were away – vacationing from this fantastic fountain of fly information – a few things of note took place:

  • I passed only an hour’s drive away from Lefty Kreh’s gravesite. Want the details?
  • I went “picking” with my friend along the Eastern US Seaboard
  • I caught a yellow perch, small smallmouth, beautiful sunfish, spotted bass, rock bass and SAW a cruising pike
  • Brainstormed a new way of living on the hurricane ravaged Texas Gulf Coast. Two words: Shipping Containers
  • Began the process for our next fly fishing trip to South Padre Island
  • Started working on some new story ideas
  • Slapped myself, with a magazine of course, for not writing more for magazines – see the last Lone Star Outdoor News for an article on Texas carp tournaments


I am starting to wonder, mostly because of two things – ROI, and the completely inaccurate and never-budging Google rankings — just how much further to ride this donkey website. The coy thing to do would be to NOT wonder about these things aloud, but you know me – go, show, share and report – the truth first and foremost.

Texas Pickers Along Mason Dixon Line


So not only are George Carlin’s ashes spread on Spofford Lake, New Hampshire, now my friend (who passed away unexpectedly November 2018) has some of her ashes on Spofford as well. It was beautiful and fitting.

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