Fly Tie Friday – The Game Changer by Blane Chocklett

| December 18, 2015

how to tie the game changer blane chocklett


I have the ingredients, but this is one involved fly.

The video, should you choose to accept it, will not self-destruct, but it will take a huge part of your valuable time. Thank goodness, if you are trapped here in North Texas, you have some time on your hands. The thermometer is struggling to get above freezing as the clock pushes past 9am, and that keeps a South Texan moving a little slow … I have to wait for my tools to warm up outdoors to start on my yard art projects for the show-sale tomorrow.

If you do decide to undertake the game changer, you won’t regret it. This fly has so much action, it’s irresistible to so many different species. Unfortunately, this fly is a lot easier to tie wrong than it is to tie correctly. I wouldn’t even count the first few attempts if this fly is in the “challenging” category for you. This fly is still in that category for myself, but I’m not giving up on it. These flies cost a lot off the shelf too, around a dozen dollars, so if you can get two or three of these out an hour? Heck, I’ll hire you!

One drawback to casting these deadly flies is that they gain significant weight once water soaks in, so be sure you take some time to shorten up your line, and snap dry the fly by false casting it to fling some of the saturation off the fly. I really believe this fly has more potential for a lot of Texas fly fishers, and the variants will be even more deadly than the original. Imagine a redheaded white bodied shallow topwater version of this fly for redfish on the coast (yes, I am thinking Mirro-Lure colors)! That action on a topwater? Killer.

Here is a lot more information on Blane Chocklett  – Search Blane Chocklett fly tying . I am not big on fly tying videos (doing them myself), so if you have done a video (that passes quality control), be sure to recommend it.

As the evolution of Texas Fly Caster continues (very quickly nowadays), I think Fridays are destined to be about one-of-three things; fly tying (staying in during bad weather), fly fishing artists, or about where to fish for the weekend warriors.

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