Fly Fisher Stretching On Wellness Wednesday

| January 19, 2022

Depending on where you live in this huge State, you may be suffering from the “stoving-up” that comes from being couped up in winter weather. And you may not even notice it until you bend over to pick up your wool socks off the floor to shake off the dog hair. Let’s all bend over at the waist now and see how those hams feel … I know I didn’t get very far, did you?

A good fly fishing cast starts at your feet, just like a good golf swing. And staying limber all the way up is a lot more important than you think. It also allows you to move about in the way we fly fishers move about – boulder hopping, boat balancing and kayak sitting.

Remember the word, “calisthenics?” That is the fancy word our PE teachers used to show us they went to school. What are the exercises within those morning calisthenics that you remember most, and what were their names? How about jumping jacks? Then in sports you had karaoke … I don’t think anyone of age needs to go quite that far, our doctors would probably not approve, but those toe touches? They could be just the winter ticket to a fantastic spring of fly fishing.

Don’t forget to cast too!

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