Five O’Clock Shadow on the Monday Morning Sidewalk

| March 4, 2013

Bleary eyed is what I am, bleary eyed.

I spent the “big bucks” on a beautiful new theme for this site, activated it at midnight and went to work on it, only to find that it wasn’t nearly all it was advertised to be. By 5-am, I was sending e mails off to the Eastern Block (where I assume these website designers reside), and falling safely back into the cradle of this original look.

While I don’t have any readers leading me in any particular direction – what you want more of, what you want less of – I approach this site something of a “HUB.” It’s a place to start and with the information and linkage, go out in a myriad of directions from right here. I have just about all the links to most of the places I like to browse for information regarding fly fishing, and occasionally lightning strikes (think BVK fly rod review), and a single article keeps people coming here in the hundreds – every day.

Mostly though, I operate on the idea that this site has what I would want to see in a site, so I cross my fingers and hope you want to see it too. The best I can tell, it can be a hit and it can be a miss. The site design I activated is the same way; it could be a hit if I can get it to perform as advertised, but for now it’s a miss – a costly miss. If you want to peak at what is happening here, check back often. The site could depart from this look (five years old now) at any moment. Whenever you see the list of guests, and one solitary member logged in – that’s almost always me, working away at the helm of this barge of a site.


For those of you attending the Texas Freshwater Fisheries “Fly Fish Texas” event this coming weekend, they have me closing the show Saturday afternoon – a safe bet for them since everyone will probably be gone by the 3-pm time slotted for my talk “Fly Fishing For Carp.” The reality is I will be talking about carp part of the time, and “Better Fish Photography” and “Skin Protection” the rest of the time. So that will be 30-minutes on carp and about 15-minutes each on the other two topics … but who’s counting? I’ll just treat it like a rock concert encore, and as long as you all hold up your BiC lighters, I will just keep going.

We have an interesting weather pattern developing here in North Texas today. The south wind has driven warm air up over us, and this evening a powerful cool front will be chasing that warm air back south. I didn’t see anyone predicting rain, but it’s a perfect setup. Eighty-degrees today for a high, and fifty-degrees for a high tomorrow. Welcome to Texas weather.

And welcome to the beginning of the week wherever you are, and I hope you arrived free of events, road rage, tired bones, or broken down automobile. As the weather changes, we are sure to have more of all of those. I have a tentative trip scheduled to Lake Kiowa this afternoon, and will take a few photographs to go with an interesting story about this private lake and the creative way they are doing battle with zebra mussels AND non-resident poachers crashing the gates.

NOTE – Have you seen the latest Harper’s Magazine? I wrote a story related to working on the Barnett Shale, but lost sight of submitting it to Harper’s because of their arcane submission process. Looks like I will have to send in as a letter – where it won’t stand a chance, and then eventually publish it here. Sad state of affairs when it’s so difficult to submit in this century.

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