Fishing’s Future Gaining Support and Momentum

| March 29, 2013

Program brings families together through fishing

COLUMBIA, S.C. (March 28, 2013) – Shakespeare® and Fishing’s Future share the same goal; to help families connect through fishing. This is precisely why Shakespeare announced today its support of the organization with a $5000 cash donation plus $5000 in fishing gear.

Established as a mode to reconnect youth with nature, strengthen family relationships, teach environmental stewardship and increase recreational angling, Fishing’s Future is on the leading edge of growing the sport of fishing.

“Shakespeare chose to support Fishing’s Future for several reasons,” said Roxanne Coleman, Senior Field Marketing Manager for Shakespeare, “The program’s mission exemplifies our goals for growing new anglers while creating family bonds through fishing. Fishing’s Future also instructs students on local environmental impact. The program has gained recognition in a variety of new venues, including schools. This is a good opportunity to solidify Shakespeare as the family fishing brand.”

Shane Wilson established Fishing’s Future. Starting in Texas with a couple of volunteers, Fishing’s Future has grown to ten states with 30 different chapters. All Chapters are run by volunteers using the curriculum and materials developed by Wilson.

“Shakespeare is the basis for introductory anglers,” said Wilson. “We have found that the Ugly Stik rods with spincast reels are the product of choice for teaching families the joy of fishing. They are so reliable and easy to operate, which allows parents and children to connect without the hassle of difficult equipment. When people go fishing with children the first thing to reach for is something easy-to-use and durable – Shakespeare. We are excited that Shakespeare supports our organization. The shared values and goals our two organizations have will reconnect families and develop outstanding family memories.”

For more information on Fishing’s Future visit To learn more about products from Shakespeare visit

NOTE – As a member of the Fishing’s Future board of directors, I can tell you the organization is looking to establish at least one chapter in the Dallas – Fort Worth region. My idea is that we actually have two chapters – one fly fishing and one conventional chapter. Let me know if you are interested. This commitment comes with tons of support – backup if you will – when it comes to doing these events.

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