Fishing’s Future Event in La Joya Texas

| February 5, 2011

Fishing’s Future, a 501c(3) non-profit organization, held a Kids Fish Camp (KFC) last weekend in La Joya, Texas, and I was lucky enough to attend and apply some good old fashion photojournalism to the event. There were about 27 children signed up, and when you add one or two parents each, well, it was quite a crowd. Although I have been a part of the organization for more than a year, this was the first KFC I was able to attend.

Fishing’s Future has a few chapters, including San Antonio, McAllen, Estes Park, Colorado, South Padre Island, Port Aransas, and eventually Dallas and Abilene, Texas. Currently, I do most of the writing for the organization in the area of media releases and corporate fundraising. For a complete rundown, visit the website at

The event itself was hosted by a place called Rancho El Charco, something of a rough hewn resort, with a restaurant on Walker Lake, and a diverse menagerie of birds and beasts, including bison greeters at the gated entrance. It’s an interesting place, the restaurant service is fantastic, and I heard the bison burgers are “to die for,” although I am pretty sure the greeters and burgers are not related in any way. Rancho El Charco is only a few miles from the world famous World Birding Center at Bentsen Park.

This KFC was maxed-out in numbers, but the attention volunteers paid to individuals, and the overall organization of the event made for some very happy, if not tired, Campers at the end of the event. Volunteers, including pro guides giving of their valuable weekend time, manned different stations – Knot Tying, Bait Selection, Fish Weigh / Identify / Measure, Tackle Choice and Casting.

The McAllen chapter, headed by Paul Trevino, was in charge of this event and Paul had great support from his volunteers manning the different informational stations at this event. With his own shallow water boat, and a house at Three Islands, Paul isn’t too bashful about his fishing addiction either. Fishing’s Future has a pretty impressive list of sponsors who provided tackle bags to the participants.

If you are interested in more information about starting your own Fishing’s Future Chapter, you can fill out the Texas Fly Caster “Contact” form, or visit, and contact Shane Wilson directly from that site.


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