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| May 2, 2015

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Lake Lewisville, Texas, is another on the list of 100-percent lakes, and while there’s a break in the rain for the next few days, I thought I would throw out a FISH FLASH for subscribers. If you are wanting to get your shots in on the smallmouth buffalo, this location is one to try.

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Right now the fish are extremely wary, and as you know a buff is much a “be there” bite as anything else. You’ll want he midday light to expose these fish in this area best, and don’t hesitate to stalk very shallow on the inside creek outlet coves.

The bonus for this area is that (Friday night at least) it isn’t “crowded” like the rest of Lewisville Lake. Sure there are boats and other yahoos buzzing around, but for some reason they stay way offshore and nakedly visible to their fan clubs and not to pedestrians.

The shoreline here (see the GPS coordinates) is flooded and the growth is still green, but many of the grasses are heavily seeded and those seeds will eventually feed some huge carp and buffs. I am betting on some exceptional fish in this area within a couple weeks!

Targeting buffs is difficult. Their mouths are straight down, and as I have said in stories years past, it’s more like trying to catch a vacuum cleaner that, primarily, doesn’t sight feed. You will have to try a lot of flies, and last night there wasn’t enough time to go through the entire box.


At the end of the evening, and especially if you kayak (which I highly recommend), switch off to chasing sand bass as the sun dips to the horizon (about 15 minutes before sunset to dark). Look for those fish everywhere. I picked up a few on the courtesy dock, and there were huge flocks of birds working about a thousand yards offshore to the south – a kayaker’s dream.

It must be the timing, but these sand bass are full of fight right now, and don’t be surprised to see them pushing bait onto onshore points, and a number of other typical sand bass patterns. This is a great opportunity if you have kids that are wanting / needing to catch fish! The situation is lining up nicely.

USE CAUTION! – Fire ant mounds are everywhere as the water came up so quickly, and once it gets truly hot, I imagine snakes will begin to move as well. These fire ant mounds are epic, and if the water hits these mounds (on another flooding rise), watch out for floating fire ant balls. If you hit one, you’ll never forget it.


Oakland Park is a Core park, and the gate was up when I entered (free). But the regular fee is $3, as I recall. This is a perfect place to get an annual pass, and kayak from here!!!

PARK HERE – 33.094648, -97.008724



SUNSET SAND BASS HERE – 33.093711, -97.008246


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