Finally! Next Generation Fly Fishers Surfacing in Texas?

| September 22, 2018

Young Texas Fly Fishers

If you’re an old fly geezer, like me, you probably spend some time worrying about what the fly world is coming to; who is, and where is the next generation right now?

We’ve seen “younguns” and young guns come and go. Distracted by all there is to offer from other sides of life – making money, girls, guys – all the usual distractions. Those distractions even encroach on our obsession of course, but we’re old enough to keep the faith. We are on the fishing path least taken, most difficult and most easily abandoned.

IF you have an interest in the heartbeat of a sport like this, then you know one of our biggest hearts finally stopped March 14th. this our year 2018. We see the baton on the ground, and wonder who, if anyone, can pick up that heavy thing and keep running … be our standard bearer for the lot of life we have left.


I heard about these two at lunch yesterday in Dallas. And of course I had to e mail my source to get him to send me their names – they just weren’t household to me, and like I said – old geezer. But maybe, just maybe these two will become fly fishing’s household names in the future.

I don’t know … so many seem to be called to fly fishing and so few seem to be chosen. And some are led astray by the lure of lures, Euro-Carping seed bombs and shiny affordable gear and glitter boats. I confess; there are easier paths to follow.


So as we search, as invested companies search, for the people who will carry that baton, sometimes we get excited when we find someone like Meris McHaney or Knox Kronenberg. I know as much as most of you do – about these two – which is they sure look good doing what we do, or WISH we were doing!

In coming months, and into next year, we will be watching these two closely – not obsessively – to see where they lead us, and see if they are part of the new generation we have been waiting and watching to see take us along that narrow path wherever it leads. Time will tell, time will tell.



Here is an award winning video on vimeo featuring Meris –

RIO Products Film Awards WINNER – “Lucky” by Meris McHaney from Meris McHaney on Vimeo.


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