East Texas Takes a Beating: Waking up to the Aftermath This Monday Morning

| May 1, 2017

It’s the weekly Monday Morning Sidewalk

Death and destruction visited one of the most beautiful parts of Texas, East Texas, Saturday night. So while we hunkered down under the awning at my SO’s big birthday shindig, tornadoes were trenching up lives and property near Canton, Texas, and for miles around.

That news weighs heavily on my mind this Monday Morning. I often remark, “It’s only a matter of time,” when we take a direct hit, and all this hard work is blown away. It’s North Texas, and where we live spring is a game of Russian Roulette. I can’t even keep count of the number of spins we’ve had, but it’s in the low double-digits.


Maybe that’s why I am interested in helping out in East Texas, get back a few spins of that revolver, get some good karma back on my side? If you are in East Texas, our thoughts are with you. If you want to go to East Texas and work, or know how to get plugged into East Texas recovery efforts – CONTACT ME as soon as you read this. When you have as much time as I do, it’s not necessarily a luxury. (Besides – I am a bit of a closet chainsaw lover, and mine needs a good workout.)

AND IF I can’t get drafted into service in East Texas, I’ll be working away here; spring has thrown down a few dominoes of opportunity and none are the double-blank. Ray Roberts Dam was raging last I saw, the second blackberry harvest is about to pop BIG, and there’s an “off-road” opportunity I am want to revisit as well.


I DON’T KNOW how many of you still read books, or for my growing younger crowd – want to read books on fly fishing, but I had a book review run recently in the Lone Star Outdoor News, which gives me the green light to run that review (in original form) here. I’ll fit that in here this week, or you can go read the latest Lone Star Outdoor News.


I got a pretty big reaction to my first shots fired on the pages of Facebook, and for those of you who do not partake in Facebook (the smart folks), I am basically formulating my own revolt against the internet succubus that Facebook has become. Facebook is out of date, bad code, negative on society and for me only a necessary investment of time – feeding it only for business from here on (Yeah, it’s necessary, but has never generated any ROI in eleven years of being there!). If you are also a Facebooker – STEP 1: is to admit you are a “Facebook Lurker” if that’s what you are. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but I certainly have ID’d many family members who get all their personal information from reading Facebook – STEP 2: You will be labeled a #facebooklurker, and blocked – unless you begin to talk! Just say no to Facebook, and revive the adventure of the internet, and exploring the open internet system.


Go out and have a fantastic week whatever you do! I will interrupt to bring you pertinent updates to the East Texas situation. If I am not summoned, I will be here to bring information about fly fishing as I receive it. Be safe in your driving on the sacrificial roads of the Golden Triangle (of death), and check back here EVERY DAY THIS WEEK for fresh content!


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