Comes a Time

| May 29, 2011

There comes a time when you have to say, “what’s it worth?” Today was it. I am officially putting all my feathers on the market for what they’re worth. I mean, if I can sell enough feathers to take the junket to Cabo with all the other usual suspects, then come one come all hair dressers!

By now the crazy whack fad of weaving feathers into our long hair of Steven Tyler proportions is well documented on just about every fly fishing website worth anything, right? If you haven’t heard, you need only to go to your local fly shop, even the big boxes, and see all the empty space where good feathers used to hang. All gone now.

Factual stories of 5-dollars a feather, hundreds for a good cape, and if you are no idiot, you know the markups these hair stylists are getting makes us look ignorant. Go ahead, pontificate, swear at the wind, roil the fad, hold out if you will. I am old enough to know that economics dictate that I sell now, and buy in about a year.


Feel free to think about the fact that suppliers will ramp up demand to not only fill regular demand, but new demand that is only temporary. The consequences, a supply in about a year, that far exceeds demand. The last result, price falls once demand does not meet up to new supplies. Finally, I would buy, greater quality at lower price. Sounds like a winner, right?

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