Clean Your Breathable Waders – Stink or Swim

| January 5, 2010

I contacted the folks at Simms, and got their links, which are not readily obvious, and just received the url’s for their wader care videos. Rather than reinvent the wheel, and with all due respect to my warm water Gulf Coast brethren, there are plenty of fishers that are trying to figure out the whole wader cleaning voodoo this time of year. Just for the record, the mercury hit 20 f. here at the homestead. We are potentially looking at single digits for the weekend. Global what?

Here is the video on how to clean your breathable waders or Gore-Tex waders by Simms Fishing in Bozeman. The second video on how to waterproof them again, which of course is critical, will be posted tomorrow. If you can’t wait, go to SIMMS and watch videos there that include how to repair pinholes in waders. I know dirty waders are also not waterproof waders, so you may as well plan on doing both steps. The two products you must have are; 1) powdered soap and 2) ReviveX Spray-on Water Repellent for Outerwear.

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