Casting For Recovery – Announcement

| August 10, 2010

From: Mick McCorcle, TU Grassroots Trustee

As you may know, Casting for Recovery (CFR), that great program teaching fly fishing skills to women who have had breast cancer, is a finalist in the $250-thousand Pepsi Refresh Grant Contest.

They have moved up in the rankings to 17 which is great (they were at 233). But they could use our help, with daily votes.

See the voting instructions below:

Please continue to vote DAILY for Casting for Recovery in the PepsiRefresh
Grant Contest). You can VOTE THREE TIMES a day: online, text and on Facebook
(see below).

Please share this email with your friends and help Casting for Recovery to
continue providing hope and healing retreats for breast cancer survivors!

Go to:
You’ll have to LOGIN the first time you vote
(Only vote for CFR in the $250,000 category)
You can then SHARE on Facebook or Twitter!

Text to 73774 (Pepsi)
Then type 101715 (this is CFR’s number)

Go to:

Login to Facebook
Download the App
Vote for Casting for Recovery
Click “Share”


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