Bug Repellent Buff? I Think I’ll Pass

| April 24, 2014

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I just got an e mail for new Buff Headwear bug repellent Buffs. They are infused with SS14, which is an “Insect Shield technology is a man-made version of the active ingredient found in some chrysanthemums but only the bugs will know its there – not you,” according to the website information.

The information goes on to state the manmade “Insect Shield” is copied from the active ingredient found in chrysanthemums, which on its face, could make one breathe a sigh of relief, thinking “natural.”

The reality is that ingredient, permethrin, is the active chemical that is in “Insect Shield.” It kills bugs. It also kills cats and fish. According to wikipedia, “it is poorly absorbed by the skin and has a low mammal toxicity.”

I can’t tell you what to do, but wearing a Buff around my neck for hours and days on end, in sweaty conditions, and over my face … I think I’ll pass on that one. I don’t see enough data on human testing to offer myself up as a test subject. Of all the places you would make contact with this stuff, around the neck where blood flows close to the surface, to and from the brain … yeah, I’ll pass on that one.

However, I WOULD use a Buff SS14 UV Insect Shield Buff if the consequences from a bug bite, say in the jungles, were distinctively worse than the unknown factor of prolonged contact with permethrin.


It is the season to replace your old, threadbare Buff Headwear though. Remember that as we use Buffs, and wash them, they certainly become more “transparent” as the fabric wears thin. If you don’t want to do that, consider a few bottles of Sun Shield to increase your coverage. I have been pretty disciplined about using the Sun Shield at the start of this season, and am very happy with how long it lasts, it doesn’t sting, and isn’t greasy. You’ll remember that Sun Shield is a Texas born product, and is harmless to live bait, and fly lines.

Buy real Buff Headware from your trusted AMAZON source by clicking on this image!

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