Buena Vista Colorado Fly Fishing Information For The Arkansas River Area

| August 1, 2011

I had a call a few days ago from an acquaintance who is headed to Buena Vista, Colorado, ostensibly to fly fish. To an information geek, such as myself, that’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Personally, I know little about the Arkansas River and the Buena Vista area of Colorado, so as a courtesy I thought I would gather some research from the internet and compile it here.

Another Day in Fly Fishing Paradise
The Arkansas River in South Central Colorado gets a good write up in Mark Williams’ “So Many Fish, So Little Time.” On pages 238, 239 Williams gives a glowing review of the scenery and “riffle after riffle, pocket water galore under craggy mountains, chock-full of feisty brown trout. Say no more, South Central Colorado, a hotbed of conservative thinking, and feisty brown trout!

Williams does describe stretches other than the one from Buena Vista to Salida, a grand total of 100 miles. At that length, you would expect, and he verifies, that there are a lot of changes in altitude, incline and fourteeners as the background to this adventure.

The site that seems to have the most coherent gathering of information is Arkanglers.com, which includes a hatch chart for the Arkansas River.

As is common in Colorado, there are tributary rivers along the Arkansas and some reservoirs within range as well. My affinity for the high altitude lakes, where cutthroat will eat the shirt off your back, can be reserved for a day you rest from the weariness of big river fly fishing on the Arkansas.

We are fully into the monsoon season, which means, you can take the average day and cut it in half. Rains with wicked lightning are extremely likely to shorten your day to about three or four p.m. every day.

The dining choices seem to be even more abundant and diverse than the fish habitat. When I go to Buena Vista, you can be sure I am going to check out the Eddyline Pub with their own micro brewery and check here for a long list of Buena Vista, Colorado restaurants.

NOTE – If there’s a location that interests you, or if you have information about a location that hits the Texas Fly Caster radar, feel free to help your fellow fly fishers. You will be helping out more than 300 new visitors who find Texas Fly Caster every day. Even though a post like this amounts to novice internet surfing, I suppose it has the value of concentrating the information in a “filtered for relevance” fashion.

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