Bass on the Fly World Championships – Final Results

| June 4, 2014

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Here we go folks! After starting off the week with a bang, there’s finally a moment to put this all together and get it out to you. Drum roll please … From Ted Warren —



The 2014 World Championship Bass on The Fly Fishing Tournament was held Saturday, May 31st, at Lake Fork Marina near Alba, TX. This tournament is exclusively for fly fishing and all the equipment must be made for fly fishing. It is one of only two such tournaments in the world. A record 53 participants from Texas, Louisiana, Florida & Colorado endured a torrential rain storm that ended just before 6:00 am, the official starting time. Most of the good fish were caught during the morning topwater bite on poppers and small streamers.

By 2:00 pm all the teams had checked in and the results were tallied in this catch-photo-release tournament. Each team could check-in up to five largemouth bass which had to be photographed immediately by laying them on a measuring board showing the length of the fish and a unique identification tag. All the fish were then released immediately back into the lake after being photographed. Since there is a 16”-24” “slot” on Lake Fork, this allowed contestants to photo and release even their slot fish unlike conventional tournaments where only the bass below 16” and over 24” can be weighed in. The total length of the five fish determined the winner and the big fish of the boater division and the non-boater(kayak) division.

Although there were some teams with no fish to check in, there were some good photo stringers brought in. In the boater division there were 39 prticipants. First place was won by James Kneipp and Brian Gambrill with a five fish total length of 90.5” which paid $670! The father-daughter team of Don & Kimberly Penick claimed second place with 4 fish at 59” and received $446. David Coulson (from Colorado) and Lloyd Tackitt took third with 42.5” and earned $223, Mark Ledyard and David Poole were fourth with 41” earning $134, and brothers Hal & Mike Maris received $89 for fifth place with 34”. Big fish was 21.5” caught by Hal Maris which paid $135 and there was a tie for second with 20” fish by Norm Ward and Brian Gambrill.

There were 14 fishermen in the Non-boater (Kayak) division. Jerry Hamon dominated this division by taking first place with four fish totalling 67.5” earning $280, a 21” big fish worth $70, and the biggest panfish at 9” paying $35. Steve Schwartz earned second with 31” paying $170. Michael Kenney took third with 22″ paying $110. The Non-boater(Kayak) division doubled in participants this year and the Kayakers were very competitive with the boaters.

Ray LeBlanc won the boater division panfish side pot with a 7.5” blue gill paying $60 and Benson Fowler took second for $30. The distance casting contest was won by Jerald Lewis and the accuracy was won by Jon Harmon. They each won the rod & reel combo used for the respective contests.

Many anglers reported hooking big bass but failing to land them! A strong strip set is essential to properly setting the hook on bass. So, the most important fish of the day, the big one that got away, is still out there waiting to be caught.

Perhaps the most excited angler was Howard Malpass who won the new Sage Largemouth rod valued at over $500 in a drawing for those who registered by May 16th.

The Dallas Fly Fishers Club retained the Club trophy since no other club had three teams. The three clubs that had only two teams vowed to get another team and claim the trophy next year.

Once again, the sponsors who donated cash, products and gift certificates made the tournament fun for everyone. All participants received a new Gypsy Jack bass lure made for fly fishing, a Skeeter or Ranger tee shirt, and a box of Umpqua flies. Other sponsors were Cabela’s, TFO rods, Sage Fly Rods, Simms, Redington, Buffs, Rio Lines, Mariner Sails, the Grey Wolf Fly Fishing Shop, and the Lone Star Fly Fishing Club. Every participant received a door prize after the winners received their
checks due to the generosity of our sponsors.

Proceeds from the tournament this year went to the Texas Council – Federation of Fly Fishers and Reel Recovery. Make plans to participate in the 6th tournament in 2015 when the date is announced later in the Summer. For more information about participating in the tournament or becoming a sponsor check the website,

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