Backcasting for 2012-09-30

| September 30, 2012
  • Rolling from Waco to Brazos Bend State Park. #
  • Turn left to Snook Texas. #
  • Fireflies outside the tent. Just about to reread ms on Brazos Bend SP because I don't remember mention of 90% lily pad coverage of ponds #
  • Whatever you do, do not go to Brazos Bend State Park to fly fish until you've talked to me. #
  • Back home. What's that big cloud bank in Oklahoma? Fish; time to eat. #
  • Beat down from working on the Airstream today. Whoever invented sand blasters was a masochist. #
  • Just a little rain and the bad drivers sprout like weeds. #
  • Methinks the sun doth set, but rain again blocks my judgement. What say you? #


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