Backcasting for 2012-01-29

| January 29, 2012

To Make a Short Story Short
GRTU TroutFest 2012
Into the Marshes

  • Texas dust storm in Denton, Texas. Visibility less than 1 mile. #
  • #flyfishing Fish foto sent in by reader Clint Keating. Where's he finding carp this time of year? #
  • When I was a kid, I knew a neighbor kid that had two bellybuttons. Ahhh, the '60's. #
  • #flyfishing Dang! Front page of Still prefer being behind the camera though. I'll make this exception. #
  • New to me fly rod. 15-dollars. Estate sales – priceless. #
  • #beer Rahr Brewery in Fort Worth, TX,1-3pm-3 pints of AWESOME beer and a pint glass for $14. Supports Open the Taps #


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