Backcasting for 2010-01-21

| January 21, 2010

Working hard this week on a welding project, and the fishing is still in the winter doldrums. However, I did find the time to do an interview with Clifford Hilbert yesterday at Loy Lake in Denison. The little lake in Denison is the site of Hilbert’s last registered state record for a warmouth. Hilbert lost numerical count of his TPWD fishing records long ago, but places it at somewhere between 100 and 150. Hilbert’s name kept popping up on different water body records, so I just had to meet the fly fisher, and see what his motivations are for slamming so many records. Look for that podcast next week – in a new reportage format that starts at the Fly Bar.

On the way back I managed a stop at Lake Kiowa, which is a charming little lake behind closed doors north of Lake Ray Roberts. Unfortunately for the general public, this lake is part of the Lake Kiowa development and is behind closed gates. We tooled around on a friend’s small jon boat looking for some spring spots to hit once the fish are awake and feeding shallow again. I think there will be a few fish catch-photo-and-releases from that green aluminum deck. Kiowa has a reputation for producing large Florida Strain largemouth and a rainbow of different perch varietals … and oh yes, grass carp in the 50 pound range as well.

If you are anywhere near Athens, Texas, be sure to check out the TPWD series of lectures about Texas fisheries. It starts today, and runs a half day tomorrow. I would make it down to cover it, but am bound to my welder, chop saw and torch until this commision is done.


Expectations should be higher for those of you venturing to LLELA or any of the other neighborhood ponds. I think TPWD fell a little behind due to frozen ponds and bad weather of a couple of weeks ago, and will possibly be making up for lost times by stocking larger numbers to even out the count at the end. If you imagine fishing for these fish like they were still in tanks at the stocking farm, you won’t be disappointed. They get dumped in ponds, that amount to larger tanks, and remain in tight schools swirling around these ponds – if your line happens to be in their path, you can expect some brief quick action before they continue their swirl. Clockwise? Counter clockwise? Let me know.

  • La Fin du Monde. The French got that beer right, and it's fitting for senate takeback tonight? #


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