A Look at the Spring Collection from Howler Brothers

| March 4, 2015

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Not only do the Howler Brothers rock my ears with their band Wrinkle Neck Mules, these guys are also rocking the fly fishing fashion scene with clothing styles, fabric styles and an attitude that had been sorely missing from fly fishing until they came along.  Their clothing make me feel, on the outside, the age I feel on the inside. Call it a clothing fountain of fashion youth, one that harkens back to my teenage obsession for Lightning Bolt surf boards and clothing. But it doesn’t end there. Howler Brothers clothing is of the quality we expect as fly fishers – tougher fabrics and stitching, superior color sense and edgy design. What more could the young-at-heart want from their threads?


This collection was inspired by trips to tropical destinations in search of surf, hard-to-catch fish, and plenty of adventure. Throughout the collection, there are two resounding themes:  “Dawn Patrol” and “Constellations”. Dawn Patrol, symbolized by the rooster, harkens to early morning sessions of surf, getting out on the water before anybody else, getting that fix in before the real world creeps into your day. The theme of Constellations speaks to the incredible night skies that only become visible when you are someplace away from the big city, someplace wild and fun. We have added 5 new styles of shirts, 4 new styles of shorts and boardshorts, a new t-shirt collection and 20 new hat styles.  Plus, there are some killer new designs of Howler favorites like the Gaucho Snapshirt and Bruja Boardshorts.

Incredible gear for passionate pursuits. Surfing, Fly Fishing, Adventure. HEED THE CALL

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