What is Fly Tying?

| November 5, 2023

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Fly tying is the process of creating artificial flies used in fly fishing. These artificial flies are crafted to imitate various types of insects, baitfish, or other prey that fish feed on. Fly tying is an essential skill for fly anglers, as it allows them to create customized flies tailored to specific fishing conditions and target species.

To tie flies, fly anglers use a variety of materials such as feathers, fur, threads, and synthetic materials. By combining these materials in specific patterns, anglers can create lifelike imitations of natural prey. There are different types of flies designed to mimic different stages of insects or other aquatic creatures, such as dry flies (which float on the water’s surface), wet flies (which sink below the surface), nymphs (imitating immature insects underwater), and streamers (which resemble small fish or leeches).

Fly tying is not only a practical skill but also an artistic and creative pursuit. Many fly anglers enjoy experimenting with different materials and patterns to create unique and effective flies that can entice fish to bite. Additionally, tying your own flies can be cost-effective in the long run, as purchasing commercially tied flies can become expensive, especially for avid fly anglers who fish frequently and need a variety of patterns.

I don’t know about you, but I always tie flies for the NEXT season to stay ahead of the game by just a little bit. For me, that leads to many boxes – the big boxes – of flies! What about you? Do you tie for the moment, or for the next season?

Since I skipped through last winter in North Texas, by being on South Padre Island, doing the Los Pescadores business startup, my seasons on the bench are a little out of their rhythm going into this winter in North Texas, aka. Southern Oklahoma.

In future weeks, I / we should start to zero in on the flies we can take with us to the Blue River, and I am hopeful Lower Illinois and wherever else we may go before Spring 2024!

I have also been brewing some ideas for new techniques for recording fly tying videos – techniques that just may make that genre of videos much more interesting … or at least a little more exciting than watching paint dry.

My fly tying videos are pretty sparse, but well viewed over the years. Check out that group of fly tying videos on the Texas Fly Caster YouTube Channel.

END NOTE (From my upcoming book tentatively scheduled for 2027): Many fly shops have a love-hate relationship with fly tying. The materials take up valuable space on retail floors while yielding a low return, and a tying customer is always looking for that certain color you do not have … one thing is certain, if you are selling materials? you better know how to tie a fly. The fly is a fake, but the ability and knowledge that go into tying a fly cannot be faked.

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