Peacock Bass No Stranger to this Angler

| November 10, 2011

Brazilian Peacock Bass

Just back from a trip to Brazil to catch peacock bass with none other than Captain Peacock, Denton’s own Chris Weatherley.

Brazilian Peacock Bass

Weatherley reports that he went on a peacock trip arranged by Jim Kern, a local fly fisherman, and former Texas Ranger baseball player. Anyway, Weatherley decided to let the photographs do the talking … for now. I can’t wait to hear the entire story.

Beauty and the Beast - Brazilian Peacock Bass
Beauty and the beast.

THE NEXT TIME YOU GO FISH, be sure to take a camera and write a few words about your experiences. I will be glad to feature your adventures in fly fishing right here at Texas Fly Caster where we have an open, welcoming participatory attitude toward contributors.

If you are interested in a professional photographer / videographer / writer for your next wide world fly fishing adventure, be sure to fill out the contact form on this site, or you can go to and fill out the contact form there as well. What the heck.

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  1. shannon says:

    Sounds like you two were in the same place at the same time and didn’t know it – TFO suite at the Ballpark?

  2. ukf says:

    Definitely a trip to put on your list. I’ve now fished both FL and the Rio Negro, and each have it’s own respective fun. FL is like fishing in peoples backyards or corporate pond jumping. Rio Negro is the eco mecca and if you were ailing from allergies in TX, forget about it here.

    There are multiple expeditions that offer services, but i can’t say enough about Capt. Peacock and the job that Jim and Leonardo did. First class fun.

  3. Pondbass says:

    I love Peacocks, I really want to get down there some day(or sneak off to South Florida after their smaller counterpart)

    Heard enough from Kern himself after spending a day with him at a Rangers game along with the TFO fly rods crew, he showed off some amazing photography and angling, really makes me wish I could take a trip there soon.

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