Monday Morning Sidewalk – Breakout!

| February 7, 2022

Ice and snow are gone from North Central Texas now, and I only wish that calm clear water I saw on Lake Ray Roberts yesterday would’ve come three months from now! Isle Du Bios Park on Ray Roberts probably had a dozen hardy souls on its grounds yesterday, so the dogs had plenty of time to concentrate on ground smells and not agitating other dogs.

The cold calm water gave testimony to Ray Roberts as a drinking water reservoir for the exploding population of North Texas … or to the power of zebra mussels in their favorite – COLD waters. I don’t know which, but clarity went about four-feet down yesterday and revealed absolutely NO fish whatsoever.

I have to cut short here and go do the doctor visit thing this morning. Have a great week – if you never check back here – and if you do? This week may not be as thick with stories as the snow-ice-bound days last week. It’s an inverse thing: The better the weather, the less writing goes on, and the deep-dive “research” gets underway.

Be sure to check out the Saturday Morning Reruns for a shock to your visual system. The YETI Load Out Bucket continues to be one of my most viewed videos on YouTube … to which I can honestly say, “Good God Man! Why?”

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