Here’s a Job Title: “Explorer In Residence”

| February 10, 2012

Halo Effect.

In elementary school, I used to travel with my genius friend, Lars Hansen (Weslaco, Texas), to watch the National Geographic traveling movies that would come to convention centers in the Valley – usually McAllen, Texas, as I recall, and we would watch these adventures like rafting down the Grand Canyon, and many others.

Awakening the Skeena.

When it came time for my Mom to come up with a movie to see, all that was out was “Funny Girl,” with Barbara Streisand. Talk about awkward … it was a real “Wonder Years” episode in my life. I can’t decide if it made me more rounded, or just left scars on both sides.

I don’t know how smart it is to kayak down waterfalls, and I don’t recommend it as a rule, but the production values, content and look of this are worth a look or two.

These are just a few of the titles from the Reel Paddling Film Fest. Check out more on Youtube, and here’s the film fest site –

– Your “Fly Fisher in Residence”

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