Fly Tie Friday

| January 20, 2023

Let Us Go Back In Time all the way To 2010!

Here is a fly that has worked for years, and as recently as last week. It’s the ReyRam fly, named after Dr. Rey Ramirez of Brownsville, Texas.

I used it last week to get deep up against the Jetties rocks last week, and it brought out the trout to play. Now, would any “heavy” fly work? Sure, that is always possible, but the more faith, the more experience you accumulate with a fly that catches? The more confidence you have … to leave that fly on a little longer, to prove your faith right or wrong.

I have a dozen of these freshly tied, and for sale here on South Padre Island. All you have to do is come and find me!

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Category: Backcasting, Fly Tying

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