Fly Tie Friday

| January 27, 2023

I made this video when I was but a child. While the video is aimed at largemouth bass on the seaducer, if you know salt, you know that it is a killer fly for speckled trout as well. Over time, I evolved this fly a little bit for the salt environment.

I did away with the jig hook (making running hook up more of a challenge), and went to a stainless steel circle hook. That proved deadly on the soft mouthed trout of the Texas Gulf Coast. My undying faith, in circle hooks for certain fish we pursue, really began with that one change.

Of course changing to circle hooks also proved to be the missing piece for the old North Central Texas sand bass runs as well. No fish I have ever caught, does more to catch itself, than a sand bass on a circle hook – none.

Enjoy this old video. It looks so raw because those days were raw when it came to making videos for YouTube! It predates HD and, for you kids out there, 4K as well.

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