Backcasting for 2011-09-04

| September 4, 2011
  • #toyotalandcruiser Time to let go of my FJ60, first have to fix it. Anybody have a spare transfer case around? Corpus Christi in doubt. #
  • #flyfishing Word from South Padre Island, TX, is that the blue water is all the way in to the Causeway! It's on on on on. #
  • #flyfishing #drought Look out now, what's that sound. Sounds like rain coming down. Keep it coming dude. #
  • #flyfishing Great photo by Leslie! Look at that fish face. No, the fish's face. #
  • @HowlerBros Yo Bros! Good to see and photograph you guys at IFTD. Story here – . Need your ad for my site though! #
  • @YetiCoolers Good to see YETI at IFTD. That feature including photo of Rick ran last week – . #
  • #flyfishing Lake Proctor Texas – hybrids on the flats. Photo of another Shannon sent in by Salsa. #
  • #flyfishing #drakemag Where the H is my F'n new copy of GD Drake Magazine. It's on the newsstand! What the H?! (gotta speak in Drake lingo) #
  • #flyfishing Hmmm, contacted by NY Times science writer about Red River Meteorite story – . Do I have to act smart now? #
  • @YetiCoolers Did not receive that request yet. Have a great holiday! #
  • Got it will correct now. #
  • What's this "sir" stuff? I'm getting way too much respect in public! I'm way too young for that. #


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