2009 One Fly Contest Lower Mountain Fork Beaver’s Bend Oklahoma

| January 25, 2009

This just came across from Rob Woodruff:

Lower Mountain Fork River Foundation
2009 One Fly Contest
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Saturday, February 28th
7:00 a.m. until Noon
Mountain Fork River, Broken Bow, OK.

There are some changes to the rules for 2009

– Starting Point – Lower wooden foot bridge parking lot – Spillway Creek.
– Pairings will be drawn just prior to the start.

The rules are simple:
1) As the name implies – one fly only. No bait, lures, scents or droppers.

2) Each contestant will be provided the exact same fly pattern. This fly will be the only fly eligible for use in the contest. The fly pattern will be kept secret until the start of the contest.

3) Each contestant will fish that fly ONLY. Lose the fly, you are out.

4) The fly may be cut off the leader and retied as needed. Your partner must be notified that you are doing this.

5) A fly that is broken off on an obstruction may be retrieved and retied to the leader. Your partner must be notified that you are doing this.

6) A scored fish is one that is brought to hand and released; no “LDR’s”. Your partner must be notified that a fish has been landed and scored.

7) Each contestant is responsible for keeping his or her own score.

8) Scoring
Each fish will be scored as ONE POINT
Any Trout over 12″ and less than 14″ will receive an additional point (total of 2 points)
Any Trout of 14″ and less than 16″ will receive an additional 2 points (total of 3 points)
Any Trout of 16″ and less than 18″ will receive an additional 3 points (total of 4 points)
Any Trout of 18″ and less than 20″ will receive an additional 5 points (total of 6 points)
Any Trout 20″ or over will receive an additional 9 points (total of 10 points)
Any Brown Trout receives a 4 point bonus.
He or she with the MOST POINTS wins.


The event is open only to members of the LMFRF who have paid there 2009 membership fees.

The entry fee is $30 for 2009 LMFRF members who pre-register by February 27th. If you are not currently a LMFRF member in good standing, you must also submit your membership fee along with your $30 pre-registration fee.

You can pre-register, pay your 2009 dues, or join the LMFRF at www.lmfrfoundation.org

The Entry fee will be $35 for those who register on the day of the event (as well as 2009 membership fee if applicable). Registration begins at the Lower Spillway Creek Bridge Parking Lot in Beavers Bend State Park at 6:00 AM,

Only the first 36 entrants will receive an embroidered 2009 LMFRF One Fly cap.

All proceeds go to benefit the Lower Mountain Fork River Foundation’s efforts to improve the trout fishery on the Mountain Fork River.


Let me know if you have any questions.

Hope to see you there,
Rob Woodruff
LMFRF Advisory Board Member


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  1. shannon says:

    Somebody needs to represent! Just not some hack like me. I am thinking you and LK need to hit this thing. Funny he (Woodruff) always calls it “Broken Bow”. I guess Beaver’s Bend just doesn’t sound as romantic! shannon

  2. Joel Hays says:

    BTW – It’s a new moon tonight . . . 1 – 1/2 months away!

  3. Joel Hays says:

    are you planning on partaking?

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