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Mama - Full Wrap Reproduction by Texas Artist Aurora Cabrera

Original Oxacan Art inspired by my time in the Borderlands
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A beautiful piece by Oxacan Texas Artist Aurora Cabrera that is open to your own feelings for the place parents hold in our hearts. The Oxacan influence is apparent in all of Aurora's work. If you are not familiar with Oxaca, it is a place where cultures blend - the Maya, the Aztec and more accurately the Zapotec and Mixtec.

- Oaxacan art refers to the vibrant and intricate artistic traditions of the Mexican state of Oaxaca. This art is characterized by its colorful and detailed designs, often featuring animals, mythical creatures, and everyday scenes. One of the most well-known forms of Oaxacan art is alebrijes, which are whimsical, fantastical creatures carved from wood and painted with intricate patterns and bright colors. Another prominent form of Oaxacan art is pottery, known for its intricate designs and vibrant colors. Oaxacan artists often draw inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of the region, including its indigenous Zapotec and Mixtec traditions, as well as its natural beauty and diverse wildlife. -

This is a reproduction that is on a canvas full-wraparound frame. It is ready to hang, as is, or find a frame of your own to compliment this piece that is full of love and life.

12X18 Inches

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