Tied With Love - Pinky Diablo Fishing Watercolor

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Pinky Diablo is a Texas original artist. If you know the guy, you know that isn't even his name! But for the sake of running from fame, we choose to keep the aka. Pinky Diablo while he is in witness protection. His integration of the skeleton-skull culture so prominent in the Hispanic Dia de los Muertos art and fly fishing's most quirky moments - make all the Pinky Diablo art a purely original pursuit for your fly fishing man cave.

  • Original 6-3/4"X11" watercolor on inside book cover - 120.00 (1 of 1)
  • 8x10 Archival Reproduction on Watercolor paper - 60.
  • 5X7 Archival Reproduction on Watercolor paper - 40.
  • All Prints are floated on larger paper size to make handling and framing possible
  • Inquire about framing services!

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